The ISI Network Web Portal
Understanding This Web Portal

This In-Store Implementation Network Web site is constructed inside a powerful portal application that supports tiered access and collaborative interaction. While this application is currently in development (beta test), the following features are either presently supported or anticipated in the near future:

Public Access. Content within public areas of the site is freely available to all, but access to many document downloads, site search and discussion groups will require free, secure registration. This permits us to communicate with users and better manage the site. Your contact information will never be shared with outside parties. Any time you access this site you are agreeing to abide by its Terms of Use, which may be reviewed here (link TK).

Registration. Registered individual members gain access to limited password-protected areas of the site. They automatically receive the ISI Network e-letter and 30-Sec Polls free of charge and may browse document abstracts in the ISI Knowledge Base.

Email List. Our email list is managed in a separate application, called iContact, which provides you with opt-in/opt-out control.
To join, use the form on our Membership page. To manage your subscription profile, follow the link at the bottom of any received ISI Network email.

LinkedIn Group. ISI Network operates a separate LinkedIn Group that requires separate registration, in accordance to LinkedIn host rules. Visitors and members are encouraged to join and participate in Group discussions and other information sharing.

Variable, Secure Interaction. The ISI Network portal application allows users to interact only with the portions of the site (tabs, modules and documents) they are authorized to view. Public tabs, links and documents may be viewed by all; Registered Members access more. Task Group workspaces will be accessible to group participants only, with access and messaging capabilities defined by Task Group leaders.

Our portal is generously hosted by RetailTactics, Inc., a founding sponsor of the ISI Network. ISI Network is a service of VSN Strategies.
UPDATED MAR. 7, 2012
Frequently-Asked Questions

Q. How do I register on the ISI Network site?
A. Click the "logon" link at the upper left on the site banner. Enter your email address and a password in the form that appears.

Q. How do I manage my user profile?
A. The "User Profile" tab on the menu bar will be visible only when you are logged on. There, you'll find a form where you may correct or update your personal information, change your password, or even change the email address where we contact you. We encourage you to provide your full name, company and title so we can serve you better.

Q. I forgot my ID and/or password. How can I get help?

A. Use the "Forgot?" link in the register/log in box on the upper left of the Home page or click here to reset your password.

Q. Why am I required to register before I can download certain documents?
A. We ask you to register primarily so we can continue to communicate with you and optimize site performance. Unlike some sites, we don't place "cookies" on your computer. Some documents and site features are restricted to members and/or task groups by design, and your log in lets us manage this interactivity.

Q. Why should I register separately on this site and the ISI Network Linkedin Group?
A. Both are official ISI Network activities with complementary benefits, but the two applications are separate and each registration is at your option.

Q. How do I manage my mailing list profile?
A. We maintain our email list separately using iContact, a list management service that has many built-in safeguards for subscribers. The easiest way to update your profile or change your preferences is to click on the "Manage Your Subscription" link at the bottom of an email received from ISI Network.

Q. How can my company support the activities of the ISI Network?

A. Begin by reading the information on the "Sponsor" page. There you may download an information sheet and application form in .PDF format. If you have questions, please contact us.

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