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Harris, Hoyt, Weber, Blatt and Heckman Join ISI Network's New Blue-Ribbon Advisory Group

In-Store Implementation Network is proud to announce the launch of our "Bue-Ribbon Advisors" panel. Our initial  participants include five of the most respected thought leaders in our industry:

  • Dr. Brian Harris - Founder and Chairman of The Partnering Group.
  • Christopher Hoyt - President of Hoyt & Co.
  • Win Weber - Chairman, Chief Executive and founder of Winston Weber & Associates.
  • Dick Blatt - President of Planar World Consulting and former chief executive of the Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI)
  • Mark Heckman - Consultant and former SVP Marketing for Marsh Supermarkets

Review their full bios on the ISI Network Web site.


We are privileged to enjoy the advice and insights of these individuals, who collectively embody immense retail & consumer products industry experience and perspective. They generously serve on a pro bono basis; and their counsel, credibility and connections will prove invaluable as we pursue our our organizational goals.

Research Can Lead to New Practice Benchmarks

ISI Network members constitute a highly significant sample of practitioners concerned with the planning, implementation and measurement of high-value activities in retail stores. Our collective voice can shift opinions and define best practices across our industry and around the world.


This month we resume the ISI Network "30-Sec Poll" series. Please take a few moments to respond to the brief survey questions when they arrive in your inbox beginning next week. Your voice matters! The results will form the basis of bulletins and presentations our organization shares with the industry.


Continuing this small-scale research will also lead us closer to a long-held goal of the ISI Network: An Industry Benchmark Study of In-Store Implementation Practices. This will require time and resources. Your vigorous response rates to the 30-Sec Polls will be persuasive to prospective sponsors.

May 17, 2011

Who's Counting?

   ISI Network membership continues to grow, thanks to a steady stream of requests from our LinkedIn Group, now topping 860 members from 25 countries.

   Our core mailing list now numbers 1,400-plus practitioners from the retail, brand, agency and services industries.


Become an ISI Fellow

   Membership in the ISI Network is free, but operating the group is not. For this reason we encourage and welcome individual donations.

   The satifaction of a good deed is not your only reward - Donors earn the right to call themselves "ISI Network Fellow" and take a place on our Honor Roll.

   Please use the link below to contribute any amount securely using PayPal or a credit card.



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