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Membership in the ISI Network is about collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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membership in ISI Network is free of charge. Qualified industry professionals are encouraged to join our lists using the links and form at left:

Who should join ISI Network. Effective In-Store Implementation and Performance are critical success elements for most Retail and Consumer Products Professionals. ISI Network membership will add value for practitioners from across the industry, including:
  • Retail (including Senior Management, Category Management, Space Management, Merchandising and Store Operations )
  • Brand Marketing (including Category Planning, Shopper Marketing, Promotion Planning, Account and Field Marketing )
  • Merchandising Services (including MSO field and headquarters management, DSD organizations and related roles)
  • Marketing & Sales Agencies (including manufacturer reps, brokers, field marketing and related roles)
  • Retail Tech and Solutions (including providers of mobility, merchandising, planogram, promotion planning, analytics and in-store measurement tools)
  • Retail Design, Fixturing and Installation (including all forms of POP, display, and related professional services)
  • Shopper Media (including all forms of digital and conventional in-store messaging systems and promotional networks)
  • Consulting Firms (including strategy, technology, organizational and advanced analytics)
Registration on this site is immediate, and your logon provides access to your member profile. (Participation in our LinkedIn Group requires separate registration.)

Benefits of Membership.
Members receive the ISI Network e-letter, 30-Sec Polls, and e-Bulletins via email.
Each individual member receives a user ID and password to access the ISI Knowledge Base on this site and most online resources.

As with most networked activities, the value of ISI Network membership will increase with the size of the membership roster and with additions to ISI Knowledge Base. Members may participate in surveys, educational events, etc. A primary benefit is derived from access to the case study and best practice content published in the ISI Knowledge Base.

Members are encouraged to collaborate on ISI field studies and best practice development. Active participants gain public credit and exposure for their contributions to the ISI literature, as well as presentation opportunities at industry events.

Sponsors. In addition to individual members, ISI Network welcomes Sponsors, whose support helps us pursue value-added initiatives and defray operating expenses. A full explanation of the terms and benefits is viewable on this site's Sponsorship tab.

UPDATED - FEB. 26, 2011

Honor Roll
Become an ISI Fellow

Individual membership in the In-Store Implementation Network is - and shall remain free. Operating this group is not, however.

For this reason we encourage and welcome individual donations that can help support ISI Network operations and ensure a high level of services. Participation is entirely voluntary and any amount is appreciated. The button below opens a secure form on PayPal.


Please consider becoming an ISI Network Fellow.
Your donation of $15.00 or more qualifies you for this honor. Fellows are provided with a graphic badge that may be added to your blog, Web page, or resume.

The roster below is intended as a modest thank you to generous member-donors who have attained ISI Fellow status.

We also accept support from corporate sponsors - learn more here.

ISI Network Fellows:

Keith Scovell
David C. King
Warren Dawson
Joe Nassour


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