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"The retailer that formulates a compliance plan, enables it with appropriate solutions, and measures its outcome relentlessly will always achieve better performance on in-store programs."

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For retailers, brand marketers, merchandisers, and marketers, this report is an essential resource for understanding and choosing a Merchandising Performance Management solution. It's the fastest way to get fully informed and maintain your competitive edge - in the stores - where it all happens.

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New Analysis for 2011

Specially-priced for In-Store Implementation Network members, Inter-Organizational Solutions for Merchandising Performance Management delivers an industry first market analysis and buyers' guide to this emerging and important class of software solutions for merchants. Analysis prepared by VSN Strategies.

Beyond Work Force Management: Successful merchandising operations are about much more than human resource management.

Beyond Store Execution Management: Keeping tasks on track is only the next step. A comprehensive solution must include a communications platform that links collaborators into a single ecosystem.

Now, Merchandising Performance: MPM goes way beyond pushing tasks out to the field. It demands a permanent, embedded feedback mechanism that supports continuous performance measurement, from shelf to headquarters.

This is the next frontier for retail financial performance - the stores themselves. The next wave of inter-organizational solutions promises to change retailing forever by restoring control and combating overwhelming intricacy.

You Can, Plan, But Can You Implement?: The current advances in Shopper Marketing, segmentation and targeting generate massive complexity at store level, where plans fail 40% to 60% of the time. In-Store Implementation requires an integrated "plan-do-measure" discipline, supported by tools for communications, monitoring and feedback.

Solutions Ready Now: The ISI/VSN Merchandising Performance Management report is your fastest path to understanding your MPM solutions options. Carefully researched, it includes a comprehensive buyers' guide to this emerging sector.
Report Contents:
  • Introduction & Summary
  • Market Overview
  • Solution Sector
  • Solution Providers
  • Strategic Considerations
  • Recommendations
  • Appendices
80+ CHARTS: Includes tables of WFM, SEM and MPM solutions, segment overview description and profiles and SWOT analyses of 10 competing MPM solutions.

BONUS: Portfolio of mini-dossiers on the MPM solution companies, with contact information and a summary of offerings. Updated for 2010, with additional vendors.

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