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Cover Story in Frozen & Dairy Buyer

iSTOREi Network Director James Tenser, Dr. Brian Harris and others are interviewed in this feature on "In-Store Execution."
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RetailWire Hosts iSTOREi Discussion
ISI Network Director James Tenser's "Brain Trust" Query on the RetailWire site attracted a batch of thoughtful responses from the industry.

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The In-Store Implementation Network

iSTOREi Defined. In-Store Implementation refers to the collective physical and informational actions performed at retail to actualize merchandising, marketing and media plans in the store. iSTOREi encompasses compliance, measurement and communications activities, and is defined by a Plan-Do-Measure process cycle that controls implementation plans and work and communicates implementation signals.

Culture of Performance The iSTOREi Network members believe it is incumbent upon retailers, manufacturers and third-party merchandising services organizations to cultivate an industry-wide culture of performance, in which the compliance levels of the past are no longer deemed sufficient and the industry adopts and attains greater expectations for In-Store Implementation. Ripe areas for best-practice innovation include:
  • Sensing - Practices for detecting and measuring relevant store conditions
  • Compliance - Practices for ensuring implementation of merchandising and promotion plans
  • Transparency - Practices for sharing and role-based exposure of performance data to decision makers
  • Collaboration - Practices for aligning goal-setting and implementation activities across departments and among trading partners
The Original In-Store Implementation Sharegoup Working Paper argued in favor of a collaborative, industry-wide initiative aimed at closing the implementation gap. It proposed a path toward greater cooperation between retailers, manufacturers and third parties that would ultimately enhance the customer experience and industry profitability.

iSTOREi Case Study Identification and Development. A primary goal of the iSTOREi Network is to identify current best practices in In-Store Implementation and other means for advancing store-level performance. Members and Sponsors are encouraged to contribute case studies based on their own successful projects, toward the assembly of a library of best practices.

Of Current Interest:

Why In-Store Implementation is the Next Frontier
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ISI Network Workshop at LEAD
ISI Network will present a pre-conference workshop at the LEAD Marketing Conference on Sept. 19, 2011 in Rosemont, IL. View the agenda.

Blue-Ribbon Advisors Named

ISI Network is proud to announce the launch of our "Blue-Ribbon Advisors" panel. The initial participants include five of the most respected thought leaders in our industry: Blatt, Harris, Heckman, Hoyt and Weber. Learn more

Hot Topic: Compliance
"What Constitutes Compliance?" See what your ISI colleagues have to say in this vibrant compendium  from Tenser's Tirades Blog, RetailWire.com, and the ISI and Space Management LinkedIn Groups.
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"Improving Net Profit by Reducing Merchandising Costs" a recent paper from RetailTactics.
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